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Do you know what motivates your staff?

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

Source: Ignite


Do you know what motivates your staff?

“Most people in the technology industry are generally considered smart, and highly skilled in math, logic and problem solving. However, these highly developed technical skills usually come at the expense of their interpersonal skills. IT managers are not immune to this imbalance and spend little time to improve these under developed skills. Making matters worse, we recognize and promote based on results and reward for performance. The consequence is that managers spend 95% of their time focusing on measurable items and pay little attention to the emotions of their staff. This is not because managers don’t like people or don’t care, but few of them have little idea what employees really want from a boss.


…Make the work space look better; get rid of office clutter (cables, computer equipment, books, files, etc.), get some plants, find local schools for art, replace lighting with full spectrum light bulbs and use creative ways to make the environment better.”


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Comments: There is a lot to managing and motivating others. We were pleased to see that the light quality of a work environment was taken into consideration when looking into this subject. We recommend that you do the same, when looking at ways to motivate your staff.