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Hotel horror: Mirror, mirror, who’s that in my bathroom?

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Source: Detroit Free Press


Title Hotel horror: Mirror, mirror, who’s that in my bathroom?


Gray skin, haggard wrinkles and bags under the eyes. It’s like watching a horror movie, except it’s me. What kind of sadist puts overhead fluorescent lights in a hotel bathroom to terrify the guests?


At least install lights on both sides of the sink, not above. Use regular incandescent lights, or halogen lights, or indirect lights, or LED lights, or at least those full-spectrum, natural daylight fluorescents instead of those glaring, hideous old-fashioned models.


Hotel managers, I will tell you why you must invest in this. A hotel guest who thinks he or she looks good is a happy guest. Happy guests complain less. Happy guests leave better tips. Happy guests will probably come back.

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Comments: This author is observant enough to notice the difference in light quality in the hotels she has stayed. Her point – don’t make clients suffer through cheap inferior lighting, they’ll be happier if they have full-spectrum light available. Next time you stay in a hotel – take a note and see what you notice.



Jumping Spiders Use Image Defocusing For Depth Perception

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Source: Webvision


Title Jumping Spiders Use Image Defocusing For Depth Perception


The experiment was one of those experiments that is elegant in its simplicity. When using just green light to illuminate prey, the spiders were always accurate in their strikes, just light in full spectrum light. However, when green light was excluded and red light exclusively was used to illuminate prey, the spiders attacks on prey were typically short.

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Comments: While nominally about how spiders hunt, we were interested in this article for the information contained on how the eyes of one particular species have evolved to take advantage of different spectrum within the light we see and how they are disadvantaged when even one colour is removed from their available light spectrum. And to think we see all those options as simply white.



Exposure to daylight may prevent myopia

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

A lack of exposure to sunlight, rather than watching too much television or playing computer games, causes myopia in children, a new study has claimed.

Researchers in Australia have reported that children need to spend at least two to three hours a day outside in direct sunlight to avoid becoming short-sighted.

The results of the study from the Australia Research Council found that exposure to bright light can help regulate the growth of the eyeball during childhood, significantly lowering the risk of myopia. (more…)