Do iPads Cause Insomnia?

A recent (Dec 2010) article in the Epoch Times explores the relationship between light hygiene and a good nights sleep.  The article is educational reading for all those interested in how our bodies respond to light.

“Our environment is increasingly impacting our health, separating us from the natural forces that interact with our physiology to keep us well. The most pervasive forces are light and darkness. The lights we use or are exposed to at night cause the greatest disruption.

Every bit of light has an effect on our melatonin production, our own homemade sleep remedy, to the extent that perfect production for a good night’s sleep would have to take place deep in a cave. However, caves have other drawbacks that are not conducive to sleep, and there aren’t enough of them to go around.

The presence of modern light pollution is labeled “light noise,” according to clinical psychologist Rubin Naiman in an interview with Dr. Mercola ( Most of us can sleep in spite of it. We handle the intrusion of outside lights by covering our heads with a pillow or putting up a shade.”

The full article can be found here.

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