Aging Eyes Blamed For Seniors’ Health Woes

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Title Aging Eyes Blamed For Seniors’ Health Woes


Dr. Martin Mainster has written extensively about the effects of the aging eye on health, estimate that by age 45, the photoreceptors of the average adult receive just 50 percent of the light needed to fully stimulate the circadian system, by age 55, it dips to 37 percent, and by age 75, to a mere 17 percent and recommend that people should make an effort to expose themselves to bright sunlight or bright indoor lighting when they cannot get outdoors and have installed skylights and extra fluorescent lights in their own offices to help offset the aging of their own eyes.

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Comments: Many of us do not realise that our requirements for light change as we get older. For those planning the lighting for a house for the elderly, they would do well to pay attention to the statistics given above and ensure that sufficient light is available.



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