Full-Spectrum Light (issue 43)

Around the world different people are talking about how they use full-spectrum lighting in their day-to-day lives. We feature some of the best here.


A LED Strip Light Jewelry Display Can Wow Your Customers
Lighting should always be as close to full spectrum, natural light as possible. Studies show that it makes people feel happier and healthier, and these lights are actually used to help people who experience mood problems during the darker months. LED strip light jewelry display cases simply give your consumers a better feeling and a better view


The Unmedicated Fool
I’ve arranged for the replacement bulb to come posthaste so that I don’t have to deal with this sub-standard dark and yellow and non-daylight bulb. It’s God damn awful, darlings. I wouldn’t wish it on any of you, but you probably do use ones like that normally, anyway. But once you’ve had full spectrum, you don’t want to go back.


A Good Night’s Sleep: Essential for Health
Like with diet, there isn’t a “one size fits all”; however, if you are experiencing sleep difficulties, try a few of these easy inexpensive possibilities: 3 mg of the hormone melatonin about one half hour before bed; no television or computer work an hour before going to sleep; reading with a full spectrum light bulb; sleeping with eye shades if you can’t make your bedroom completely dark.


Do you suffer from the Winter Blues?
I think being outside did me the world of good. My house is rather dark and has terrible lighting so I will be buying some full spectrum light bulbs this afternoon which should also help with my mood.


Is the Lighting in Your Home Making You SAD?
So while having your home full of blue lights is not aesthetically pleasing, full spectrum bulbs are. The lighting industry has blown up with options over the years.


Learning To Draw
Make sure you have excellent lighting. If you can’t see you can’t draw. If you do not have a well lit room with natural sunlight to work in, then check your local art supply store or search online for full spectrum lighting products that mimic natural sunlight.


Aquaponics System Diagram, version 1
There are 3 sets of lights, a high-intensity grow light over the lowest bed (for tomatoes), there is a 4′ long shoplight with 4 full-spectrum bulbs (for the salad greens), and a small bulb with 1 full spectrum grow bulb up top (over the flood tank with watercress and duckweed).


Make Your Space Inspirational
A nurturing space is one filled with natural daylight during the day and enveloped by high quality artificial lighting at night. Lighting helps to set a creative stage and can lift your mood. Lighting that includes: task lighting (full-spectrum light is best to simulate natural light)



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