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How light affects sleep quality

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Posted by Maya Pillai.
If you’ve ever stared at the ceiling while your partner slept soundly beside you, you’ve probably investigated most insomnia solutions known.
The question then is, do you know what the impact of light is?
It has become increasing well researched that one of the most important external elements that affect sleep is light. Researchers have found that light controls the timing of our internal body clocks. This happens as the light sensitive cells at the back of our eyes send messages to the brain on whether it is day or night time, thereby setting our wake/sleep patterns. (more…)

What Can Pose a Greater Cancer Risk than Smoking?

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Source: Psychology Today:
What Can Pose a Greater Cancer Risk than Smoking?
A recent study published in the British Medical Journal (online) raised questions about sleeping pills. The careful work that was done on this study demonstrates a strong link between sleeping pills and mortality (medical lingo for death), particularly from cancer.
…Clearly other strategies need to be looked at the provide relief for sleep. The authors say cognitive behavioral therapy is the way to go — it’s what’s called sleep hygiene. One key is getting up at the same time every day until eventually your body forces you to go to sleep earlier. Other strategies include making changes to your sleeping environment, light therapy (getting full-spectrum light early in the morning) and using relaxation strategies before sleep or upon awaking in the middle of the night.
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Comments: This article looks in depth at the downside of taking sleeping pills. Given they see a strong negative to taking them, we think it is right of the authors to then focus on what alternatives there are. We recommend reading this for their emphasis on the value of sleep hygiene.

Blue-enriched white light in the workplace improves self-reported alertness, performance and sleep quality

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Energy Saving LampResearch carried out at the Surrey Sleep Centre at the University of Surrey in partnership with Philips Lighting has revealed that changing traditional white-light lighting to blue-enriched white light helped office workers stay more alert and less sleepy during the day.
The research also showed improvements in subjective measures of positive moods, work performance, fatigue in the evening, irritability, ability to concentrate and focus and eye strain. The workers also reported improved sleep at night.
The blue-enriched white light is thought to be more effective because it targets a recently discovered novel photoreceptor in the eye. (more…)