Full-Spectrum Light (issue 18)

Around the world different people are talking about how they use full-spectrum lighting in their day-to-day lives.  We feature some of the best here.



When Your Canary Molts – Care and Diet Tips | That Bird Blog
If your Canary is molting in winter or spring, try limiting its day to 8-10 hours of light, and keep the temperature at 68-70F. Full spectrum light (please see article below) is also helpful in establishing normal cycles and supports …


Staying Healthy | Adventures of the Odaroloc Sled Dogs

I spend a lot of time being fascinated with the sky, and feel guilty to be inside working during the tiny bit of light we get. We invested in some full- spectrum light bulbs, so I can sit and work under my “happy light” in the mornings …


Banish Your Winter Blues by Daniela Freda, SF Acupuncturist
Another option is to get some full spectrum lightbulbs which can help brighten up your life with light that is the natural spectrum of sunlight. 4. Bliss Out with Acupuncture. Acupuncture is extremely effective in naturally boosting …


Don’t Give in To The Winter Blues
Set a timer on a light to go on early in the morning in the bedroom. Use light therapy products, such as full-spectrum light bulbs or dawn simulators, which act as an artificial substitute for natural light and a natural sunrise. …


Aquarium Lighting Is Important For The Health Of Your Tank

If you want to keep anything other than a basic fern plant, you need a tri- phosphor tube or full spectrum flourescent bulb which will provide the full spectrum of light that plants require. Aquarium lighting for tanks with plants is …


Healthy Cure Your Body Setting Up Your Office For “Health”

By simply replacing your antiquated fluorescent tubes with full-spectrum tubes, you can instantly enhance your environment and your well-being! Full spectrum lighting emits a natural, balanced spectrum of light that is the closest you …


Should I Grow my Herbs in Pots or in the Ground?
Growing herbs in pots requires the herb gardener to mind the same growing needs for light, soil, pH, fertilizer, water and drainage the herbs would have if sown in the ground. The proper balance of sunlight, … If the sunlight is still not ideal, you can buy special lamps designed for plant growth that give the full spectrum of UV rays needed. Remember to keep a day/night schedule. To avoid root -rot, you must provide your potted herb with a soil that drains well. …


Improved photographs – first stage
… I seem to remember someone using a transparent plastic storage container so thought I would give that a go whilst I find a box. I switched my usual light bulb to a full spectrum daylight bulb and tried lighting from the top. …



If you don’t have access to good quality daylight during the day, we recommend using a full-spectrum light. We, or any of our partners worldwide, would happy to help you choose the right bulb for you. Shop now or ask a question



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One Response to “Full-Spectrum Light (issue 18)”

  1. kara goddard says:

    hi I work at hamilton zoo with reptiles and am always concerned with providing adequate lighting for the indoor ones. my main questions are how long does the full spectrum last and how far do the rays project?