Full-Spectrum Light (issue 49)

Around the world different people are talking about how they use full-spectrum lighting in their day-to-day lives. We feature some of the best here.


Walk In Light Sculpture to combat winter blues from James Yamada
American artist James Yamada will create a dramatic installation entitled The summer shelter retreats darkly among the trees, the first artwork in Parasolstice – Winter Light; a series of outdoor projects at Parasol Unit. During the darkest months of the year, visitors will be encouraged to enjoy the health benefits of exposure to bright light by sitting inside the sculpture.


Seasonal Affective Disorder: How to minimize it early on
SAD is seasonal problem that affects about 2-5% of Canadians and is 8x more common in women especially in their 20’s and 30’s.  The number of people over 65 suffering from this disorder is lower, with the rate beginning to decline around the fifties. 


Light: Medicine for Today
Light, seasonal, natural or artificial is a key factor in our ability to be healthy and effective whereas lack of proper light has been shown to lead to SAD, illness, growth and even addiction.


Cold Weather Running
So, I bought a full spectrum lamp (known colloquially as a “Happy Lamp”) that essentially puts out sunlight. When I get up, I make my coffee, then sit in front of that bad boy while I enjoy my drank. Within 20 minutes, I feel like noticeably more energetic and motivated to get out the door.


Sound Asleep Curtains Review
If you sleep at night, which most people do, try to get at least 3o minutes of full spectrum light during the day, especially first thing in the morning. This light will cue your body to induce sleep at night.


Hopeful but Funkified
I am buying one of those full-spectrum lights for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder. I always get “the blues” in winter, but some years I have had full-blown depression which coincided with the turning of the seasons, and I just will not let that happen this year.


Ten Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter
Even a short stint out in the sun can help your mood, enhance your sleep, and help you feel like you don’t live in a cave. If you struggle with seasonal depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD) get a full spectrum light and spend some time in front of it. 


Moso seedling troubles, help please – Bamboo Forums
If you want to grow them indoors, I would first suggest natural light from either a south or east facing window. If you don’t have that, I would suggest a full spectrum light, or commercial light such as hps or metal halides which help them stay healthy.



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