How to make your home more inviting

Over the time we’re been looking at how people use full-spectrum light in their lives we’ve been fascinated by the number of articles written on how to incorporate them into the design of your homes.


From specialist advice on how to light a bathroom, basement, bedroom or pantry, to the benefits for the entire house, these writers have talked about it.


These authors have written that in the bathroom good full-spectrum light will enable you to shave, groom or apply make-up accurately.


They’ve written that including full-spectrum accent lights in the bedroom can be important in winter months when the feeling of winter blues can start taking over. We would mention that when using full-spectrum lighting in the bedroom that you should have another, dimmer, option available for the evening hours.


One writer had a basement to renovate and found that full-spectrum lighting meant they didn’t have to deal with the usual dark atmosphere that makes many basements a room to avoid.


And for those who take pleasure in their cooking and wanted an asthetically pleasing food pantry, full-spectrum lights were recommended.


Finally we read an article about a group of seniors who’d made a whole room in their retirement village up as a sun/summer room – complete with full-spectrum lights, sand, warmth and tropical background noises.


We trust you find inspiration from these authors and consider how you might benefit from including full-spectrum lights in your housing design.


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